Date With Destiny Gold Coast 2020 with Tony Robbins

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Date With Destiny is a journey of self-discovery. It is your chance to immerse yourself in an environment that helps you create change and produce lasting results. You will witness and experience massive breakthroughs in real life situations. It’s an event where you will explore the forces that control every thought, feeling, emotion, behavior, and decision of your life. You will go deep into who you really are to find your life’s unique strength, purpose and vision.

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Date With Destiny 2020 Gold Coast, Australia

DWD event 2020 is a 6 day seminar held in Gold Coast city, Queensland, Australia.

Tony Robbins Australia
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Event Dates: 19th – 24th April 2020

Event Venue: Gold Coast Convention Centre 2684-2690 Gold Coast Hwy Broadbeach, Queensland, 4218

Seminar Registration:

You must book your ticket online and register to attend this event. Registration are on Saturday 18th April 2020 2pm – 7pm and Sunday 19th April 2020 8am – 11am.

DWD 2020 Tickets

There are two types of tickets: standard tickets and diamond tickets.

Ticket price will increase as it gets closer to the event date. To get the cheapest price possible, you need to book the tickets as early as you can. Bookmark this page and share it on your Facebook if you need to come back again.

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6 Days at Date With Destiny Event

Tony Robbins Date With Destiny is a 6 day live training program. This is his most impactful and intimate live event. At DWD seminar, you will chart the course to where you were meant to be.

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Here is a brief summary of the event:

Day 1: Prepare For Massive Change

On this day, you will understand and discover the influences that shape the way you think, the emotion you experience and the action you take or don’t take. You will identify what living on your terms really means. You will discover your “Primary Driving Force” and learn to use the power of choice to change your life and your story.

Day 2: Empower and Strengthen Who You Are

What is your story that controls the life you are living right now? How has your story influenced your life? Which of the 6 human needs have you met by having this story?

On this day, you will define and create a new story for your life that will support you and drive you forward to success regardless of the obstacles and challenges. You will investigate the dominant driving emotions of your life and unearth the pattern that controls your focus and how to change it forever.

Day 3: Destroy What Has Been Holding You Back

Our life is the result of our choices. What are the choices you have made and what consequences have these choices created for you?

On this day you will find out what drives and motivates you and how to create a compelling future. You will learn to break the old destructive patterns and replace them with empowered emotional states to help you achieve your goals.

Day 4: Create and Design Your Ultimate Vision

Your destiny is determined by your values. What would your values need to be to create the life that you really want? On this day, you will discover what you actually need to live according to your hierarchy of values. One of the reasons why you don’t make significant progress towards your goals is because your goals and values are in conflict. Therefore, you will need to develop your “Mission Statement” to align your beliefs and values to pull you closer to the ultimate vision you create for your life.

Day 5: Chart Your Course For Greatness

Clarity and focus are the keys to being happy and successful. One this day you will learn what it takes to living your life with unbelievable clarity and knowing that you are the master and creator of your destiny.

Day 6: Relationship Day – Revolutionize Your Relationship

Tony Robbins says that relationships magnify the experiences of our life. Our relationships give us love, happiness, joy, fulfillment and at the same time, they also give us pain, heartbreak and sorrow. Relationship is the area in our life that brings us the most common fear: the fear that we are not enough or the fear that we won’t be loved.

Because the quality of our relationships determine the quality of our life, you will learn the factors that control all relationships on this day. You will learn the disciplines and tools necessary to create your ultimate relationship and what to do to ensure that your relationship will continue to grow, magnify and deepen.

The quality of your life is the quality of your relationships” – Tony Robbins

About Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is the World’s Number 1 Life and Business Strategist, Best-Selling Author, American businessman, and philanthropist. He has coached more than 50 million people from over 100 countries in the last 30+ years. He is a peak performance coach who has also advised some of the world’s highest-performing achievers, from Fortune 500 CEOs to heads of state to Olympic athletes. Some of the world’s famous celebrities have attended Tony’s events and/or coached by Tony including Serena Williams, Usher, Marc Benioff (CEO of, Oprah Winfrey, Hugh Jackman, and former US president Bill Clinton.

Some videos from the past DWD Program

Watch the videos below to see what it’s like to be an attendee at Tony’s events and check these reviews from other attendees.

Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru

If you want to learn more about this seminar before attending it, the best way is to watch the documentary called “Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru”. This documentary film goes behind the scene of Date With Destiny event in Florida where Tony spent six days to tear down peoples’ walls in order to build the authentic and powerful version of themselves. This film captures the life changing transformations of the participants in real time and is available on Netflix.

Here’s the trailer of this film:

What Makes Relationships Work

In this video, Tony explains the role of polarity in making sexual attraction and deep intimate connection to make relationship work. What makes relationship work is things in common. What makes a relationship passionate is things being different. When the difference is in values, you will have conflicts, but when the difference is in energy (whether masculine or feminine, this energy is not gender-based), the relationship will create sparks. This is where the excitement and electricity come from. Every man and woman has varying degrees of both masculine and feminine energy and one of them is the natural dominant force inside you. When a relationship has a lot in common, you will have love, but your relationship won’t have the passion because you both have the same energy (both masculine or both feminine).

As you might already know, emotion is the core of our life, and relationship maximizes and magnifies our human emotion. To make a relationship full of love and passion for each other, you need to create the aliveness by doing things that you did in the beginning of your relationship to light each other up. When we first enter a relationship, we always try to do different things and new things to meet the other person’s need and make them surprise. Basically we do anything for them to make them happy. However, after a period of time, we stop doing this. This is where most relationships fail. As Tony said, great intimate relationships don’t die for a the lack of love, but for a lack of intimacy.

“Do what you did in the beginning of a relationship and there won’t be an end.” – Tony Robbins

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