7 Tips to Improve Your Intimate Relationship

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You might be wondering why there are couples that just perfectly work out. And perhaps you might also be curious as of how they do it. What’s the secret to a successful relationship? One of the important things that can contribute to a successful love life is deepening your intimacy to each other. Whether it’s emotional or physical intimacy, you have to know that it is a great opportunity to strengthen your affection and make it even happier.

Below are the 7 ways that you can make in order to increase your intimacy with your partner:

#1. Be comfortable

It’s important to feel comfortable with your intimacy. Many people are having trouble with expressing their intimacy because of the fear that is overpowering them. Sometimes this fear leads to insecurities and frustrations, making your self-esteem low. This is normal especially to couples who are still in their early phase of the relationship. Once the time passes, though, you’ll be able to feel more at ease when you are with your partner. Let your guard down once in a while and do not hesitate to show your affection.

#2. Make a strong eye contact

Intimate Relationship AdviceWhatever you do, you must remember that a strong eye contact with your partner is important. It’s a powerful communication tool and an indication of honesty. When you are trying to avoid an eye contact, it means that there is something going on inside you that you cannot dare to express.

#3. Have fun

There is no better way to keep your relationship successful than just having fun with your partner. Enjoy every moment, every date, and every laughs you are sharing. Plan a trip together to explore your intimacy, or perhaps spend more time going out and watching the sunset together. Or perhaps do some things that you both enjoy, like watching a movie or going out for a dinner and warm drinks.

#4. Be open

You might think that being vulnerable and letting your deepest feelings out in the open is not a good thing. It is actually essential to keep an intimate relationship working. Share your feelings with your partner and give him or her the opportunity to get to know all the layers of your personality. Allow your partner to invade you emotionally as well as physically.

#5. Do something extraordinary

Being able to think about ways that will let you express your affection to your partner is another important way to keep your relationship more intimate. It’s one way to let your partner know how important he or she is. It’s also a way to express that you respect what you share with him or her. Plan a surprise for your partner, like cooking a particular favorite food, providing a massage, or just running a simple errand for him or her. The ways are endless.

#6. Ask personal questions

Do not be afraid to get to know your partner. It simply a way to be more comfortable with him or her. This improves your relationship and makes it mentally intimate.

#7. Ask for your partner’s opinion

Sharing your opinions with your partner can be very intimate, too. It’s good to ask for an advice from him or her not just when you are deciding which shoes you should buy but also when you are facing some problems and is looking for possible solutions. This way, you get to also have a much stronger bond.

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