Tony Robbins Date With Destiny Florida 2018

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Date With Destiny is a 6-day live event with Tony Robbins where you will be in a supportive environment and experience total immersion! At Date With Destiny event in Florida, you will create your own life-changing experience and discover who you are. It is time for you to ignite your passion and connect with your values and ultimate purpose to achieve the ultimate vision of your life.

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Tony Robbins Date With Destiny Florida December 2018

Event date:

December 6-11, 2018


Florida, United States

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Date With Destiny Florida

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Tony Robbins’ 6 Human Needs

Humans are the most mysterious creatures on this planet. The actions we perform or the desires we have are different for each person. As Shakespeare’s famous line says, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” It means that each and every individual are merely actors playing their roles on this Earth. However, the business expert and motivational speaker Tony Robbins believes that there is a common thread binding every human.

Tony believes that human actions are connected and driven by six needs. In one educational video, he explained that all the dysfunctional activities or actions stem from the inability to fulfill these requirements. The order of these needs varies with every individual.

  • Certainty or Comfort

Everyone wants to feel secure about the situation in which they are in or are going to be in the future. We need that sense of certainty to take decisions confidently. Higher the need for certainty results in making less risky decisions. Robbins points out “It’s the need for basic comfort, the need to avoid pain and stress and also to create pleasure.”

  • Uncertainty or Variety

Humans like things which they need. The only reason why we like surprises is that we want it. There may be situations when we don’t like surprises, but we still need it in our lives. If you don’t get something uncertain in life, you tend to get bored of the daily routine. To bounce back, we need to have that element of surprise.

  • Significance

Humans are the biggest attention seekers. We like when we are loved, respected and given importance by our peers or colleagues, friends and family. To gain significance, we aim for different goals like being a billionaire. Why do people bet in casinos?  It’s mainly because they want that winning recognition and feels proud of it.

  • Love and Connection

Love makes you feel alive and kicking; it is one of most basic needs of humans. We want someone to look after us. Connections are like the broken pieces of a puzzle which you need to bring your life back on the right track. However, the sense of connection is different for each individual.

  • Growth

It doesn’t matter how much money, fame, respect, love and adulation you have if you can’t grow. Whether it be business or relationship, if it doesn’t grow into something, it will ultimately meet failure.

  • Contribution

Last but not the least, the concluding human need is the contribution. You may be surprised at how that can be a need. According to Robbins, life is about giving and helping others. He said that anything you receive won’t make you feel happy or satisfied in the long run instead what you contribute will certainly add to your joy.

It is also worth noting that the first four needs are needs of personality. However, the last two needs are tough to accomplish as they are the needs of the spirit.

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Invite Your Friends To This Event!